The Letter L

So many words start with the letter L…or at least that’s what I thought until I tried to plot out my photography for Basically Benita’s Alphabet Photo Challenge.  I was very surprised at how much I struggled, procrastinated trouble I had with the challenge this week.  Of course, next week the L images will be screaming at me…good thing I already know what I’m doing for M!  :-)

Onwards and upwards…time for Show and Tell!

First, the Lint Trap in my dryer…

lint trap

I never would have thought of that except I was in my Laundry Room to take this picture of the way I painted the Long Wall.

laundry room

Here’s a Locker Hook Kitty wall hanging that I designed and hooked…

locker hook kitty

Here’s a view of Lake Elsinore from high above in the Santa Ana Mountains…

Lake Elsinore

Here’s a peek at a Lizard hanging out in the seam in the block wall behind my house…he was a bit shy but still photogenic…

lower lizard

To add some color to this post, here’s a roll of Lifesavers


For some architectural appeal, the Lights at the Transit Center in the town next to mine…

lamps at trans ctr

For that ahhh moment, here’s Little Bit, A.K.A. Kitty Skittles!

Little Bit

I hope you’re not hungry because this piece of Lasagna might be considered a terrible tease if you are!


Finally, this is me being completely Lazy after my 8+ hour cookfest!

lazy after cookfest

6 Responses to The Letter L

  1. Roxie Matthews says:

    And legs – Look at those Legs! (That’s not lazy. It’s a well-deserved respite.)
    I LOVE Kitty Skittles! What a sweetie.

  2. Sandy O' says:

    Wow!! Great pics! The locker hook rug is really neat! And the lasagna..yummmm. I’ll join you for the wine.

  3. Cheryl says:

    You did great…especially considering how you said you were struggling with this letter. Mmmm…those Lifesavers look yummy! Skittles is so cute! And, I agree with the above comment….not lazy at all…well deserved. You should kick your feet up regularly and enjoy some relaxation. It makes life a little sweeter. You’re always working so hard. Enjoy that glass of wine! :-) Cheers!

  4. deejays10 says:

    You did wonderfully for having ‘trouble’ with this one…. Loved all the pics but thought for sure Skittles would be in the essssses! This has been a great idea/challenge, so glad she did it and you decided to go along, I am really enjoying it…

  5. Cindy in FL says:

    I enjoyed the L tour-it’s a good challenge, isn’t it?!

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