The Blocking Room

I’m an avid knitter with a semi-short attention span when it comes to projects.  I always have several in the works so I can bounce between them when I get frustrated or bored.  Right now I’ve got four projects in the works – the Asymmetric Sweater I posted about here, a pair of sox, a Sockhead (slouchy) hat and a scarf.

The benefit of having many projects in the works is that I get a great sense of accomplishment when I finish several projects within days of each other.  :-)

The negative though is all the sudden I have multiple projects that need the final touch – the blocking to the correct size/shape.  :-(

I’m a knitter who loves to knit, tolerates assembly and procrastinates in major way when it comes to blocking.  I’m not sure why because it’s really not that hard to do, and when it’s done the results are spectacular.

A couple of months ago I finished an Altostratus sweater using a custom-dyed red yarn from BC Yarnings.  About a month ago I finished a Wingspan Shawl using Deborah Norville Serenity Sock yarn color Surf.  Last week I finished all but the back neck collar on my Sojourner Cardigan from Webs using Valley Superwash DK yarn, color Red.

I finally set aside a couple of hours to block all three using my front bedroom carpet for pinning purposes.  Of course once they were all pinned to the carpet there was no way I was going to let my kitties in the room so I shut the door.  This totally confused Skittles as the only time the door is closed is when company using that room as a bedroom.

closed door

Here are the three blocked and drying projects…

sweaters and shawl

The Sojourner Cardigan is at the top left, the Wingspan Shawl is top right and Altostratus is lower right.

Once they’re dry then all I have to do is wait for cooler temperatures so I can wear them.  Layering in 100 degree weather is as appealing as blocking.  :-(

5 Responses to The Blocking Room

  1. deejays10 says:

    Those are all beautiful, am anxious to see you model them! Got a chuckle out of Skittles sniffing around the door…

  2. Poor kitty – in my house ANY closed door gets stalked by a cat.

    You like red, don’t you :)

    Love that you’ll have all those nice things to wear when the temps drop.

    • ordinarybutinteresting says:

      I do love red…and I’m trying very hard to expand my color preferences. My current WIP is purple, still a variant of red because it’s a combo of red and blue, but at least it’s not RED. Next project is predominantly olive green. Not sure what will happen after that :-)

  3. Cheryl says:

    Hooray for all your blocked projects! You must feel great! :-)

  4. psobrien says:

    I agree about the blocking part! I even need to block my weaving projects. But they look sooooo good after the blocking. I love the wing span shawl. It may be beyond my knitting skill right now, but I would love to try it!

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