What A Find!

During lunch last Friday I went to Target to pick up a bottle of foundation.  When I walked back into the office my Assistant was like a kid at Christmas, filled with curiosity about what was in my bag.


The bottle of foundation is about 3″ high, 1-1/4″ wide and 1/2″ deep but the bag in my hands was in the neighborhood of 10″ wide, 12″ high and 8″ deep!

I set the bag on the chair in front of her desk, fished around inside it and pulled out the purchase that was the reason for my visit – the bottle of foundation.

“See, I did get the foundation.”

“But what else is in there?”

I am known for finding some of the most interesting items when I shop, which is not often, and most of said items appeal to Assistant as much as they appeal to me, so her questions and curiosity weren’t unexpected.  Instead they added to my “I’m so proud of myself” feeling, especially about one of the goodies in the bag.

As if my glinting eye and slow motion movements were not enough to build the anticipation, Assistant’s phone rang and instantly froze my hands in place.  While her conversation was winding down I pulled out not one, but two bags of Brach’s Halloween candy – one of chocolate bottomed candy corn (called Harvest Selection) and the other a bag full of pumpkins.  Granted these are not healthy treats but sometimes, tastebud tickling is a far more important factor when choosing holiday treats.  ;-)

Dismayed look from Assistant…nothing fun or unique with the bags of candy…

My hands busied themselves with a new task and unwrapped the two pieces of glassware still sitting in the Target bag.  I put the two pieces together and proudly sat them on Assistant’s desk.  An 8″ tall and 7″ round treasure made by Anchor Hocking evoked a gasp and “WOW” from Assistant!!!

pumpkin candy jar

Isn’t it just the BEST candy jar???  I love the way the light bounces off the curves of the pumpkin and plays with the colors inside…

candy in pumpkin candy jar

I wasn’t looking for a candy jar, in fact I didn’t know I needed one, but when my eyes spied this sitting on the top shelf of a seasonal dishware display, I was pretty sure that a pumpkin shaped glass candy jar was needed in order to make my life complete.  That inkling was confirmed when I hoisted the jar off the shelf and found the glass to be a good 1/4″ thick (very sturdy).

So how much was this missing piece to my life’s happiness going to set me back?  A mere $4.99 – regular price, not sale price!!!!  I was so surprised that  I actually had to read the tag hanging off the shelf to make sure that the price was for my treasured candy jar and not some other “thing” residing next to it on the same shelf.

So readers, if you’re looking for an awesome and inexpensive candy jar (which could also be filled with cookies), head to your nearest Tar-jay and hunt down this pumpkin.  It’s not Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin, it’s better than that because it’s MY Great Pumpkin!

3 Responses to What A Find!

  1. A Donna says:

    Nice jar, but would be better filled with chocolate……… Only my opinion!

  2. territerri says:

    I love it! Target has some great fall decor this year!

  3. rpthomas says:

    Hope you don’t mind- I used your picture of the candy jar in my blog about candy cravings.. :~) Robin

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