Ginger Brandy

Ginger Brandy

As the first fingers of autumn’s nip announce the approach of winter’s chill, it’s time to add a bottle of this to your shelf.  The brand can be of your choosing, but the flavor MUST be ginger!


It’s a phenomenally warm and tasty nightcap that chases away the cold and gently sweeps one into sleep.

Several years ago when I was still living in MA (think FREEZING in winter) my friends Anita and George introduced me to ginger brandy (these are the same friends who introduced me to the Earth’s Children book series mentioned in a previous post so they are two for two).  I was hanging out with them one night when the clock indicated it was time for their nightly dose.  They offered me some and I accepted…and hopefully I did not gasp when the first sips sent fire down my throat and into my belly (I don’t remember)!

What I do remember is that after 15 minutes or so I needed to leave so I guzzled the remnants of the ginger gold in my snifter then headed home.  Fortunately “home” was a mere 5 miles away – not because I was intoxicated, but because I arrived home, walked into my bedroom, fell onto my bed and promptly fell asleep…and woke up the next morning still in my clothes from the day before. 

Noooo…I did NOT pass out…it was late, I was tired and man, I was nice and toasty warm.

Ever since that night, from late fall through early spring I have enjoyed a couple fingers of ginger brandy most nights while laying in bed reading.

Then I moved to Southern California.

And my routine fell apart.

Not because it’s not cold here in the winter; I do have to run the heat for an hour or so each morning to take the chill out of the air.  Nope, everything crumbled because I could not FIND ginger brandy!!!!  One can purchase any flavor one wants…except ginger.

Fortunately for me I have friends back east who ship it to me and I buy a couple bottles when I’m visiting and bring it home in my suitcase.  And of course, I can always order it on-line.  But nothing beats being able to drive to the liquor store and bring a bottle home with you.

If you have never tried ginger brandy I highly recommend it; and if you have tried it, you like it AND you can buy it nearby, know that I am soooo jealous!

5 Responses to Ginger Brandy

  1. territerri says:

    I’m not a brandy drinker, but have to say I’m intrigued. I might have to give this a shot! (LOL! A shot! Get it? I crack myself up sometimes!)

  2. ordinarybutinteresting says:

    Hee Hee….you cracked me up too, once I stopped rolling my eyes that is :-)

    Seriously, if you have cold winter nights where you take off your robe and have to jump into bed and burrow under the covers to stop the chattering teeth and banish the goose bumps, you’ll enjoy the ginger brandy.

  3. Gwendolyn says:

    I had the same issue with trying to find ginger brandy in Texas after being introduced to ginger and ginger, the second ginger being Ventner’s ginger ale which I couldn’t find either. Nothing compares to it and I find myself salivating for one now and then. I am going to try and get my regular spirits owner try and order the brandy for me. Finding a sharp-tasting ginger ale may still prove to be difficult.

  4. John P. Cooper says:

    Just heard ginger brandy being ordered in a 1938 British film. intriguing! And so are Camp Coffee and Mazawattee Tea and “lorry girls”.

  5. Lynn says:

    Gingerbrandy, ginger ale, ice cubes and a slice of lemon. Delicious.

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